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Denver City Drivers Licence

Denver City Drivers License they call a "Herdic" or D.M.C. Ordiance 55.41

1. 09/09/2009 DIA Advisory Board Minutes. Click Here
                         Herdic only required for "Point to Point [only] in Denver."

2. 10/14/2009 DIA Advisory Board Minutes. Click Here.
                         Henry Jones from Denver Police States "Any person who operates a motor vehicle for hire to transport people from point-to-point within the City and County of Denver must obtain a license"

3. 11/10/2009 EmpireCLS sedan trip DEN to AURORA charter order. Click Here 
                         Chauffeur startes from Garage in Aurora goes to pick up at DEN (airport) destination Aurora  then returning to Aurora Garage.

4. 11/10/2009 Ticket Issed. Click Here

5. 11/10/2009 Denver Municipal Code 55-41. Herdic Required

6 11/13/2009 Mike Greene issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

7. 11/16/2009 DORA P.U.C. Starting a Limousine Service. Click Here
                        Herdic Required for Point (originates) to Point (terminates) deffinition.

8. 11/17/2009 Henry Thilges issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

9. 11/17/2009 Email DORA P.U.C. Dino Ionnides, Supervisor Transportation Rates & Authorities states "infomation outdated and inaccurate" email. Click Here

10. 11/18/2009 DIA Advisory Board Minutes Click Here.
                         NOW states that: "provides service within the City and County of Denver, the Herdic license may be required." and  "It is up to the police officer’s discretion to enforce the ordinance."

11. 11/20/2009 Anthony Monk issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

12. 11/25/2009 Kimberly Black issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

13. 11/25/2009 Danny Reimer issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

14. 11/30/2009 H Earl Bouchey issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

15. 12/01/2009 Renea Pacheco issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

16. 12/01/2009 Craig Zurell issued Denver City License issued. Click Here

17. 12/01/2009 Denver Police Department Memo PUC Violations (PUC Stamp violation). Click Here

18. 01/22/2010 Penny L May, Director, Department of Excise & Licenses Denial of Denver City License to Leroy Harris. Click Here

19. 01/27/2010 HERDIC TICKET 09GV461394 DISMISSED. Click Here
                         Court Record does not show charge of "No Sticker on Vehicle as Required" it shows that Mr Harris ownes the Denver International Airport and it is un-safe and un-sanitary?

20. 02/17/2010 Letter Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Public Utilities Commission issued status as Qualified. Click Here

21. Suport Letter July 22, 2010 from Mike Shanahan former Denver Broncos Head Coach. Click Here

22. Suport Letter July 23, 2010 from Mark Crowley retuired Denver Police Officer. Click Here

23. Apology Letter August 6, 2010 from Michael B. Hancock, District 11 orininal meeting March 4, 2010. Click Here
               Sent to Empire CLS attention David Seelinger Chairman / CEO

24. Denver Business Journal story August 22, 2010 titled  'Herdic' licenses proving to be confusing provision.

25. Formal request on September 9, 2010, to Denver International Airport on Herdic requirement DIA Advisory Board minutes. Click Here

26. September 9, 2010 LCT (Limousine, Charter & Tour) run Herdic Story. Click Here

27. Denver International Airport Ground Transportation Information online now includes links to:
     A.   Denver Herdic Requirement at Denver international Airport 
     B.   Part 90 Taxi Rules
     C.   Part 100 Ground Transportation rules

So what is a Denver City License the City and County of Denver calls a "Herdic"?

A herdic is a type of horse-drawn carriage, used as an omnibus, invented by Peter Herdic of Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1881.

A predecessor of the taxicab, the herdic was a small two wheeled carriage that had side seats and an entrance at the back. The major improvements over previous types of carriage were in the springs, the way the body was mounted on the springs, and the manner in which the axles, springs, body and shaft were connected. Herdics were designed as passenger vehicles, and, in particular, for use in public transportation. Their low entry made it easy for passengers to enter and exit the cars. The first herdic cabs carried up to eight passengers.

The earliest herdics were painted bright yellow and quickly acquired the canary nickname. Each cab was small enough to move freely through the city streets of Williamsport and leave its passengers at the curb instead of the middle of the street was other modes of public transportation were forced to do.

Peter Herdic had moderate success with his cab and it was soon adopted in the cities of Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., and numerous other cities. The herdic cab was in service in Washington as late as 1918.


Denver Lincoln Limousine, Inc. has posted here all the documents that refer to the Denver City license they call a Herdic. In fact if you now do a Google search for "Denver Herdic" the top pick now lists www.741limo.com at Denver Lincoln Limousine, Inc.! Our persistence to getting the CORRECT information to the population of Colorado the thousands of Drivers, Chauffeurs, and Operators who by Denver Municipal Code are operating or allowing vehicles to be operated "unlawfully" by Denver Municipal Code Sec 55.41 on the city streets of Denver by Denver Municipal Code Sec 55-16 (9) Definition.

Twenty percent of the chauffeurs at Denver Lincoln Limousine, Inc. were incompliance on November 10, 2009. Immediate changes were implemented and ninety percent of our chauffeurs were forced into compliance by December 1, 2009. Some Chauffeurs have chosen to seek other opportunities and Rene was issued a Denver Drivers License  on December 21, 2009, making us 100% compliant with the Denver City Drivers license. The Denver Excise and Licensing Department has refused to issue Leroy Harris his Denver City Drivers license despite the Denver Airport issuing a security badge permitting him access to the commercial level five at Denver International Airport where the Denver Police Department issued the summons only to be dismissed by the Denver City Attorney on January 27, 2010. Our attorney stated to me that the Denver City Attorney summarized this case as opening Pandora's Box!

Despite the incorrect information posted and delivered by the Colorado State Government and the City and County of Denver from the Denver International Airport and meetings with Denver Councilman Michael Hancock, Dave Ferrill, Regional Cooperation Director, Denver Police Captain Brian Gallagher, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and the Denver Better Business Bureau this NEW understanding of Denver Municipal Code Sec 55.41 allows the Denver Police department to curb interstate customers and impound vehicles for hire as defined in Denver Municipal Code 55-16 (9) as a secondary traffic offence. In the face of the definition and requirements brought to the attention of these agencies in January, February and March of 2010, they are reluctant to notify or post information about the Denver City Drivers license they call a Herdic like Denver Lincoln Limousine, Inc..

When traveling to Denver International Airport links to the Denver Airport Limousine providers has been restored as of August 3, 2010, but does not guarantee the drivers has a Denver City Drivers License they call a Herdic, or the company has a valid Colorado Public Utilities Commissions Permit. This NEW understanding of Denver Municipal Code Sec 55.41 allows the Denver Police department to curb customers and impound operators vehicles as a secondary traffic offence. Customers need to be aware that they may ask each licensed driver shall, upon demand... exhibit the license and photograph for inspection per Denver Municipal code sec 55.45 (c).

Denver Lincoln Limousine, Inc. has a valid US D.O.T. number #970909, valid Colorado P.U.C. Number LL-139, is an Accredited business with an A+ Rating with the Denver BBB, members of the National Limousine Association and the Colorado Limousine Association and will not operate on the streets of the City and County of Denver without a Herdic license putting passengers safety at risk! I hope you find this information informative and help you make a INFORMED choice when using limousine services in Colorado

A.C. Poppenberg, III, President
Denver Lincoln Limousine, Inc.

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